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More milk, more biogas!

A great advantage of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria over heteroenzymatic bacteria is a relatively low level of losses during fermentation is achieved (–2%), as well as an increase in energy value (+ 0.2 MJ NEL / kg LM). As a result, more energy is available for the production of an additional 33 kg of milk or 5% more biogas (Table 1). To calculate the yield of biogas from corn silage, the measure of useful energy for milk production in MJ of net lactation energy (NEL) is currently used (KRIEG, 2002).

Table 1. A rough estimate of the economics of BIO-SIL® processing of corn silage based on DLG test results for the quality label of 1b category

1 euro spent on BIO-SIL® brings additional profit of 12 to 16 euro due to increased milk yield or increased biogas yield!

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