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BIO-SIL® silage additive offers extreme flexibility, class leading efficacy and unrivalled economic return together with the reassurance of German production quality and testing.

Flexible use

BIO-SIL® is an extremely versatile product suitable for use on grass, maize and whole crop forage up to 35% DM.

Flexible storage

BIO-SIL® is an easy product to store and handle. The compact 100g packs are stable and easy to store for both suppliers and users.

Flexible application

BIO-SIL® is an easy product to apply. Dilution rates can be adjusted to suit the ensiling process.

Flexible to Use

BIO-SIL® has an approved tank life that is 50% longer then most silage inoculants. This offers significant advantages if working “a long way from home”, or in the case of weather or breakdown interruptions.


Research & Development

BIO-SIL® is THE inoculant that produces the fastest pH drop, over the widest range of crops and conditions whilst still achieving high levels of aerobic stability.


Work with us

We offer a range of products for silage production that helped hundreds of farmers around the world. The winning combination of German quality and 35 years of experience is a guarantee of the best result.


A new inoculant, BIO-SIL®, which is proven to work equally well in improving the quality of grass and crop silages, is now available in Northern Ireland.

The product has a 25-year history of proven on farm use in Europe. In addition, extensive research and trial work have confirmed the benefits of using BIO-SIL® to deliver improved forage quality.


“It all adds up to more milk, improved milk quality and enhanced dairy liveweight gains when BIO-SIL® treated silages are offered to cattle of all ages,” confirmed

Frank Foster, the man behind the development of the BIO-SIL® brand in Northern Ireland. 

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